What exactly is the My Spinelli program?

The My Spinelli program is the rewards program available to all customers of Groupe Spinelli dealerships. The program allows a customer who is eligible for the program to earn points every time he or she completes a transaction for service, parts and all purchases that qualify under the program. These points are deposited into the customer's account under the tab of the vehicle for which a purchase is made or service performed. The points can be redeemed against bonuses, gifts, discounts or services.

Who is eligible for the My Spinelli program?

All customers, including Spinelli employees, who have servicing, buy parts or make purchases for their vehicle are eligible.

What are the eligibility requirements for the program?

To be eligible for the program you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be an individual aged 18 or over.
  • Provide the required true and accurate information to complete all required fields in your customer record and your vehicle record (the customer record and one or more vehicle records constitute a customer account).
  • Be the sole owner or user of the vehicle registered in a record in your customer account.

Not eligible for the program:

  • Commercial vehicles that are not used by a single driver or registered to a single driver.
  • Corporate customers may not enrol; only an individual can be an account holder.

An individual cannot register a vehicle record in the program for:

  • A vehicle used for commercial purposes.
  • A vehicle that does not have a registered driver.

How do I sign up for the My Spinelli program?

To sign up for the My Spinelli program, you must obtain a My Spinelli welcome kit. The kit is available at all Spinelli dealerships.

The kit includes a key card that will be associated with your vehicle and your user account. Your user account will be created by a Spinelli representative.

To facilitate your transactions with Spinelli, slide the key card onto the ring of your vehicle's key chain. This will make it easier for our representatives to access your account whenever you visit a dealership.

When your account is created, you will be assigned a user name and password that will give you access to your account on the web, including details of your vehicle (or vehicles). You can then change your password at any time by going to myspinelli.com.

Do I have access to all the details of my My Spinelli account?

The My Spinelli program is available at all times on the web at myspinelli.com.

At this address, you can access your account, your user profile and any vehicles associated with your account.

What rewards am I entitled to?

My Spinelli offers a catalogue of rewards tailored to your profile and vehicle (or vehicles).

Depending on the vehicle you have registered, you have access to a variety of bonuses, gifts, services and discounts selected just for you!

Every time you visit Spinelli, you must present your key card so your points can be accrued to your account.

How many points do I get when I make a purchase from my Spinelli dealership?

The points awarded for your purchases depend on promotional activities, season and initiatives by each dealer. For reference, each purchase of $100 before taxes generates a minimum of 60 points applicable to the vehicle registered in your account.

I have been a Spinelli customer for a long time and I have Spinelli dollars in my customer record. Can I convert Spinelli dollars to the My Spinelli program?

The My Spinelli program went into effect on November 1, 2013 and replaces the Spinelli dollars program. Dollars earned under the Spinelli dollars program cannot be converted into My Spinelli points. However, all Spinelli dollars can be applied to the purchase of a new vehicle (under the terms and conditions of the Spinelli dollars program) until December 31, 2014.

I had my vehicle repaired at the Spinelli service centre following a collision and my insurance paid the repair bill. Will this transaction be eligible and add points to my account?

Since your insurer paid the bill, this transaction will not add any points to your account. However, since you chose to have the repair done at the Spinelli body shop, Spinelli will deposit a bonus 300 points to the vehicle in your account.

If you had paid the total bill for repairs done at the service centre instead, this transaction would have been eligible. Naturally, if you pay the bill yourself, the 300 point bonus does not apply to the transaction.

I have more than one vehicle. Do I need more than one user account?

You can enter more than one vehicle in your user account. Each vehicle has its own record and appears in your account under a different tab: each vehicle has its tab and each vehicle tab displays transaction details, points and bonuses associated with the vehicle.

I lost my key card. How can I obtain another one?

To obtain a card key, go to a Spinelli dealership. One of our representatives will de-activate the lost key card and activate a new key card for you.

I have enough points in my account to order a reward. How do I order the item of my choice?

Visit the awards section of your My Spinelli online account (myspinelli.com) and click on the item you would like to receive. Follow the instructions on the screen. A confirmation email will be sent to you when your order is forwarded to Spinelli. When the reward you ordered is available, a Spinelli representative will contact you by email (or by phone if you do not have an email address) to tell you when and where you can pick up your reward. All prizes will be delivered to you at a service centre in a Spinelli dealership. No awards can be delivered or picked up anywhere but at one of our dealerships.

I do not have an email address and I do not have internet. How can I enjoy the benefits of the program?

You can enjoy the benefits of the My Spinelli program even if you do not have Internet access or an email address. Since all transactions that generate points are credited to your account, your points will accumulate in your account. During your visits to Spinelli, one of our representatives will be happy to provide you with full information on your points balance and any rewards you may wish to select. From time to time, you will be notified by mail or phone of your points balance, current promotions and catalogue items you may order with your reward points balance.

Can the points listed in my account be used at all Spinelli dealerships?

Spinelli points can be used at all Spinelli dealerships. Depending on the type of rewards claimed, points can be transferred, combined or exchanged against gift certificates in the same user's account at the Spinelli dealership of your choice. For more details on transferring points, contact your Spinelli representative.

If I buy a vehicle, do I qualify for bonus points?

When you buy a vehicle from Spinelli, whether new or used, 300 bonus points are deposited into your user account for the vehicle.

I am over 65 years old. What benefits am I entitled to? Is there a category for seniors?

In addition to enjoying all the benefits of the My Spinelli program, seniors are entitled to a 5% discount before taxes, applicable on their bill regardless of method of payment. The discount does not apply to bodywork repairs.

Can I combine promotions, or am I entitled to bonus points in addition to a promotion for a single transaction?

Some promotions may be combined with other promotions or with bonus points. When a promotion cannot be combined with other promotions, this is mentioned in the terms and conditions. At the point of sale, Spinelli representatives know all the details and will provide full details about the rules governing promotions, as needed.